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Digital Marketing

The average attention span was 12 seconds in 2000 then dropped to 8.25 seconds in 2013 (Microsoft research, 2015).  

Like you, I am inundated with volumes of communication all day long. As a communicator, I know that brands struggle with how to break through the noise. Today, brands have to move faster, be more agile and have an authentic story to tell.  

So How do Brands Break Through?

• A consistent and compelling story, both online and offline, is key. That’s the foundation of all good communication. 

• Cutting through the clutter doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a sustained and strategic endeavor, and I know this from my experience working for clients on the agency side to in-house in major companies. 

• It’s about understanding who and where your stakeholders exist, how they want to connect with you and then building and delivering content to them according to their needs. 

Take Your Online Strategy to the Next Level

Pam Morris Consulting has expertise in a wide range of online strategies to help clients achieve their business and communication goals. Our expertise include:

• Social Media Strategy

• Website Design

• Content Marketing 

• Google Ads

• Email Marketing